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Malik HS

11/3/20236 min read

New World System or New World Religion

Before Dajjal arrived, Jewish bankers wanted to introduce a new world religion to the world. That is why this system was introduced to the world in his 1992 under the name "New World Order". In fact, this is a new religion based on desire. International organizations have come together to promote this religion around the world, and you will be amazed at how quickly change has taken place around the world since 1992.

Of course, this system is related to the economic situation of the world, but the only obstacle in terms of morality and religion is Islam, and since the teachings of Islam have been completely rejected, this system has become a standard of living. It was introduced as. The emphasis was on converting those who might get in the way of this new religion.

The goal of the international organization was to completely adapt the lifestyle of the people to this new religion. , lifestyle, a person's personal life, when to get married? How many children do you have? Growing aspirations, relationships, and business practices all drew people to this new religion.

Not only are international organizations enforcing this around the world through harassment, but wars are regularly waged against the adoption of another religion as a way of life and standard of living, and against the prohibition of food and drink by these countries. There is. From medicine to medicine to the occupation of these lands, this new religion was imposed by force, and then armies from all over the world were deployed there to protect the religion. They are obligated to abide by Sharia law or they will be labeled as terrorists and sent to the Stone Age. Here is a very simple example that is easy to understand.

Consume only drinks produced by Jewish organizations. For example, Pepsi, cola, mineral water, etc. This new religion made their use mandatory. So if a country wants to test doctors and ban it after it turns out to be harmful, no government in the world can do that, even if that country is in favor of it. The difference is that instead of enforcing it as part of a religion, we are enforcing it by force under a different name, which is against free trade in the world. Drinking Pepsi or mineral water can be said to be a voluntary act for everyone. Your way of thinking is incorrect. People have to drink all this because of their personal power. This is the power of media. This new religion, which has conquered the hearts of people through various magical methods, will not forgive anyone but themselves. There are many examples of this in all areas of the religion, even where the religion's Sharia laws are prescribed to poison non-Jewish nations. If children are given water that has been treated with biological weapons, children in all countries will have to drink this poison. Neither individual nor government-level resistance will be tolerated. Vivid examples of this are polio drops and measles vaccines. Every father must give this poison to his child and neither the military nor any political party will stand in the way of the father. (Now it has been announced that anyone who refuses to drink this poison will be sent to prison.)

The usury system is the main part and life of this Jewish law, so a system of non-usury would not be accepted in the world outside of this usury system, however, it is allowed to add the name of your dominant religion along with the name, for example “Hindu”. Bank”, “Pure Catholic Bank”, “Islamic Bank”, etc. But the benefits system must remain the same, although changes in terminology are allowed.

In this new religion, it became part of Sharia law, the world should do the same to his wife. “Justice” and “equality” must be addressed. A clear outline of this new religion was outlined by Dr. John Coleman in his book “The Hierarchy of Conspirators.” You will realize that the “New World Order” is not just a matter of economic situation but it is a whole system and a new religion. He wrote:

"A world government, and a system controlled by a world government, would be under the leadership of a hereditary, permanently unelected few, with a limited ability to choose in the form of the medieval feudal system. During the existence of this world, the population will be limited and the number of children in each family will be limited, the population will be controlled by war and famine, until only a billion people useful to the ruling class remain and those people will be found in strictly and precisely defined and identified areas .here they will live like the total population of the world.

There will be no middle class, only the rulers and the ruled, all laws will be the same in the true courts of the world, they will be enforced by a world government police and a united world army in all former countries, but now in any There will be no national borders, the system will be built on the foundations of a welfare state, those who obey a world government will be blessed with the means to survive, those who rebel will starve to death or They will be declared rebels, they can be killed by whoever they want, the personal possession of firearms or weapons will be prohibited.

* Only one religion will be allowed and that will be in the form of a world official church that has existed since 1920, Satanism, demonism and witchcraft will be considered as the curriculum of a world government, creating a situation where For those who have no concept of individual freedom, no kind of democracy, sovereignty and human rights will be allowed.

Every person will be instilled with the belief that he or she is a creature of a world government and will be given an identification number, this identification number will be stored in the NATO computer in Brussels, Belgium and shall be readily available to any agency of the world government.

Marriage will be outlawed, family life will not exist as it exists today, children will be separated from their parents at an early age and raised in wards as state property, women will be freed from feminism. will be humiliated through the movements of, sexual freedom will be required, women not to undergo sexual act even once till the age of 20 years will be the most severe punishment. (Unmarried girls under the age of 19 give birth to 1 million illegitimate children each year in the United States.) Self-abortion will be taught, and after 2 children, women will make it their routine, about every woman. The information will be entered into the World Government's regional computer. (Nadra has simplified this goal of the Dajjal) If a woman gets pregnant even after 2 children, she will be forcibly taken to an abortion clinic and made sterile for the future.

Sexual literature and films will be promoted and every cinema will be required to show sexual films, including those based on homosexuality, by increasing the use of psychoactive drugs. It will be mandated, these mind control drugs will be administered in the food or water supply without the will or knowledge of the people. (Mineral water, Pepsi, Coke, etc.) All industries will be destroyed by the nuclear energy system, only committee members and prominent members will have the right to dispose of the planet's resources, poison for the elderly and chronically ill. Vaccination will be made compulsory, eliminating at least 4 billion junkies and food enemies (especially elderly parents) from the world.” (Regarding Framsnary and Dajjal. By Kamran Raad)

What is described in this book, you can see in practice with your own eyes, for example, women are being humiliated by women's liberation movements, abortion is common, all world records are computerized. As is happening now, elderly parents are being evicted from their homes and placed in "nursing homes," forced into lives of confinement and isolation.

The goal of making today's world a global village is to hand over all systems to global powers. This has made it easier to monitor the entire world. After the New World Order, Jewish multinational corporations began acquiring major trading houses and corporations. This system was further accelerated after his 1999.

Reading these texts, we can infer that the New World Order is a new religion that the Dajjal followers are trying to impose on the entire world. 1999 is the year in which this change appears to have accelerated. The Antichrist has been running his own Jewish agency since 1991 and appears to have allowed his special Jewish bankers to leave in the same year. Waqt (emanation refers to a claim to divinity) was probably in 2006 or 2007. The numbers 666 and 777 appear very prominently in advertising for Freemasons and multinational corporations. According to researchers, this used to mean July 7, 2007, and Freemasons used this date as the coming of the Messiah.

These ideas are the opinions of gentlemen based on their observations, experiences and research, and therefore it is not necessary whether they are realized or not. But as far as the post-1991 to 1999 period is concerned, there is no doubt that the world seems to have changed a lot in the past few years, and the public feels it and expresses it in conversation. Another year, 2007, has been added to the time period. What can you do? After 2007, the battle of unbelief entered a new era. If this interpretation of these researchers is accepted as correct, the following question arises: If so, why did Dajjal not come?