"Boycott McDonald's" Palestinian children starve while the Israeli army provides free food

A wave of outrage in the Muslim world for highlighting the plight of Palestinian children on social media



Ongoing tensions between Israel and Palestine and McDonald's role

The ongoing tensions between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are causing social media users across countries to also express their feelings on the issue.

Meanwhile, McDonald's, a popular multinational fast food chain, has provided free food to Israeli troops, much to the dismay of defenders of oppressed Palestine.

In response to this move, the movement to ``boycott McDonald's'' is increasingly spreading on social media around the world. McDonald's posted a photo on the Instagram account of its official branch in Israel, announcing that it would be sending free meals to Israeli soldiers.

McDonald's Israel said it has opened five branches "solely related to aid and donations to security and relief forces, from which there will be approximately 4,000 meals per day."

There has been a strong reaction from the Muslim world. Social media users lamented the situation in Gaza, saying Palestinians had no food during these difficult times.